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​Lily Myers Kaplan

Foundational to my work is a love of the natural world, a value for service, and my belief that connection to soul revitalizes life. I’ve worked with hundreds of people individually, on retreats in wild settings, and through workshops nationwide. I have an MA in Culture and Spirituality, am a non-denominational ordained minister and a ceremonial officiant. But, my most valued credentials are my personal experience of living a life of soul, transforming my own losses into legacy, and my ability to listen deeply to your stories, while teasing out the gossamer threads that help you to be most authentically you.

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"The land is magnificent.  Your words are healing.  I feel LOVE in your food.

Thank you.  I will be back!"

-Bed and Breakfast Guest

I am Lily Myers Kaplan, caretaker and tend-er of the Sanctuary of Rainbow Ridge. I bring more

than three decades of experience as a soul-coach, years of directing graduate programs for a modern

day mystery-school, and a sojourn as director of a family camp in the Sierra Mountains of California. I am well-aware of what makes your stay complete, satisfying, and connected with the natural world of which we are a small part. I am happy to support your well-being during your stay.


I am honored to support you in body, mind, and spirit while you are here, and am available to schedule individual counsel-time or simply share the joys of the Applegate Valley during your time of rest and renewal. 

​Books by Lily Myers Kaplan
My two books on loss and legacy are available on Indie, Amazon or Better World Books.

My first book, a memoir called Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love, was funded by the Lloyd Symington Foundation. Written as a deeply healing process after three intimate family members died in one year (and four in two years), Two Rare Birds is my story of growth through meeting death and accepting grief. Lois and Dave, my sister and brother in law, are featured prominently. Their fourteen year in-tandem cancer journey and untimely deaths inspired love, awe, and wonder within an entire community.

Lily Myers Kaplan's memoir, written with an unsentimental devotion to truth, is a guide through the underworld of loss and into the chamber of renewal. It is a testament to love and an enduring statement of fidelity to what matters most in life. By leading us through the great hall of sorrows Lily enables us to find the courage to discover who we really are, where we belong, and what is sacred. This book is a lantern in the dark. Read it and find heart.


~Francis Weller; Author of The Wild Edge of Sorrow & Rituals of Renewal

​My second book, the award winning Loss to Legacy: A Stepping Stone Path to Healing and Transformation is based on the Loss to Legacy Story Circles and Support Programs offered over three years. The book shares stories and the included workbook paves a trail for consciously facing mortality, navigating grief, and healing into a greater wholeness along the way. 

Lily Myers Kaplan is a beautiful and wise storyteller who has learned the depths of grief and resurrection the hard way and she offers her hard-won wisdom to the rest of us. Her book is a stunning testament to the heart of being human and the personal transformation possible when one grieves deeply and well. It offers a way of coping and growing wise, despite ourselves, when facing the ultimate ends of our beloveds and ourselves. I recommend Loss to Legacy as an essential element in our acceptance of ‘what is’, no matter how hard or unfair.

~Carolyn North, author of The Experience of a Lifetime: Living Fully, Dying Consciously


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