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You can go for a hike on the Applegate Ridge Trail, take a dip in the cool and refreshing Applegate River at Cantrall-Buckley Park, or go wine-tasting at one of our stellar wineries, including organic and biodynamic vineyards.


Maybe a trip to Applegate Lake with your canoe or kayak, or to sit in the shade at the grassy beach, if that's your cup of tea. 


Of course, a visit to Applegate Valley isn't complete without a pizza from the Applegate Country Club, or a sit 'n sip at the Applegate River Lodge..


Whatever you choose to do during your visit, The Hut at Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge is a soothing beginning and ending to each of your days here in Applegate Valley.

 “A perfect place to find the quiet from within!.

-Bed and Breakfast Guest

Take your rest while visiting the Applegate Valley in The Hut of Rainbow Ridge Sanctuary. It welcomes you with comfort at the end of a fun-filled day. There's plenty to do here in our beautiful valley. Learn more at Applegate Marketplace. Or you can just relax in the hammock or hot tub, wander the trails of the Sanctuary, or simply sit and enjoy the wildlife and views right here on your front porch. To reserve your place, just go to our Air BnB page!

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Enjoy a light breakfast left for you to relish in your own timing each morning. Tea, coffee, gluten free granola, nuts and dried fruit, or Bob's Red Mill oatmeal await you.


Cooking supplies, including stainless steel pots, dishes, sharp chopping knives, basic oils/spices, and an electric hot plate are available to support your culinary freedom.

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