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The hermitage at the SoulWorks Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge is a place of modest means where you will find inner wisdom, the capacity to navigate life's twists and turns, and the courage to make choices born of your own convictions. It's where your connection with the land helps you to become a more authentic and whole human.


In an awe-inspiring landscape with options for daily counsel and three simple and delicious meals each day, you will find the solitude that awakens truth in response to your most heartfelt yearnings. 

Here you may create meaningful ceremonies to open new thresholds in your life, with what matters most to you at the heart of the ritual. 

 “I am blessed to have been in this place with these guides.

Joy grows within my heart --- so happy to be free.”

-Hermitage Guest

Your Retreat: Counsel

Each day is unique, following the rhythm of your needs and desires. You are welcome to inquire about counsel-time during your retreat. Sessions may be arranged and paid for in advance or after you arrive. During these counsel-times I hold a container for you, acting as a gentle guide to help you navigate more and more deeply into your Self.

Embracing life as an initiatory path of transformation is a cornerstone of the counsel I provide. I will invite you to expand spiritual awareness, open your heart, and sift for meaning hidden within your life’s most challenging circumstances. As your story unfolds, I bear witness, offer reflection, and suggest soul-tasks or ceremonies to carry out on the land or for creative process with clay, crayons, or collage.


As the founder and director of Spirit of Resh Foundation, and award-winning author of two books on loss and legacy, I'm also well-equipped to support you in processing both literal and metaphorical loss.

Countless hermits have found healing within their familial patterns and complex ancestral relationships here on this land, creating a refreshed relationship to who they are at the core of their being.  I look forward to supporting you to find your own healing and wholeness here.

Counsel session times vary. Fees are based on a sliding scale from $100-$125/hour.


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 “The land, the food, & Lily are all nourishing forces.”

-Hermitage Guest

Your Retreat: Food

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Tending to your body’s nourishment is one way that your whole being may be cared for at the Sanctuary. Organic, locally sourced foods are the foundation of all meals.


The Hut is stocked with your preferred breakfast foods so that you may awaken into each morning in quietude—enjoying your coffee or tea, and eating at your own pace.


Lunch and dinner may also be prepared and left in the Hut for you to heat and enjoy in solitude. Inquire in advance for options and associated fees.


For those who choose to bring your own food, all cooking supplies are available. There are also local restaurant options for eating in or taking out. Information on these local options are available in the welcome book in the Hut.

“Lily’s food was the icing on the cake!”

-Hermitage Guest