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Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge

Lily Myers Kaplan

Rainbow Arch View.JPG

The Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge spans twenty awe-inspiring acres surrounding a cozy cottage tended by Lily Myers Kaplan. With a detached, private bathroom just 30-seconds away, all is prepared for you with love. It’s where travelers and spiritual seekers find quietude in a spectacular landscape.


When you come to the Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge you’ll find inspiration, renewal, and peace on these 20 acres of land. You are free to wander the Oak Savannah, the Madrone/Manzanita Forest, or sit on your front porch and just take in the mountain views and meandering wildlife.


We are neighbors to eighty acres of public lands which hold Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir standing as sentinels along our borders. They offer a summer respite of cool shade, color-laden autumns, a winter-y silhouette, or a spring wildflower feast. Trails wind across seasonal creeks to sunny sitting areas and shady nooks for sitting in contemplation.


When you visit the Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge, you will be held by the power of this land from the moment your soles touch its soul. We look forward to hosting you.

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