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The Sanctuary

Welcome to The SoulWorks Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge
Hut with tree border.jpg

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to The SoulWorks Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge. My deepest hope is that you will come here to enter a retreat for rest, solitude, and inner renovation. And that you, like so many visitors before you, find the spiritual upliftment which comes from communion with this land. 


The soul-engagement and inner inquiry that countless seekers have carried out here has built a sacred trust between human and earth forces. This on-going reciprocity builds a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, creating the potential for deep healing and transformation within these borders.


Since arriving on New Year’s Eve, 2014, with my husband, Seth, and our Golden Retriever, Shayna, we have been blessed with more rainbows than we can count, thus our name, The Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge.


We invite you to read on and take inspiration from these pages, then contact us to schedule your very own personal retreat or bed and breakfast stay.


In service to your soul and the soul of the land,



​Upon arrival you will self-check-in at The Hut, a cozy cottage prepared for you with love. You'll receive a welcome basket and book to orient you to the hermitage and bathhouse as you settle in and wander a bit, becoming  acquainted with the land in your own way.


You will love our detached indoor/outdoor bathhouse, just steps away from your front door. It's a loo with a view! Our water-less composting toilet is eco-centric, odor-free, and easy to use. You'll enjoy a hot shower (courtesy of our Joolca Instant Hot Water System) while gazing over the fields and into the mountains. While the only eyes to see you are those of the local wildlife, the choice to close the curtain for comfortable privacy, or celebrate the full monty, is yours.


There is a sitting area outside your front door or along the trails into a meadow with views into the next valley, and a clawfoot tub for soaks under a star-filled sky or the midday sun for your peaceful rest and inspiration.


*The Hut is heated and air-conditioned (as needed)

and has a camp-toilet for late-night/early morning needs. 

Straight view inside.jpg

 “I leave this place, this sanctuary,

cleansed and renewed.

-Hermitage Guest

The Land

Madrone Layers.JPG

We have 20 acres of land for you to wander. From Oak savannah or Madrone and Manzanita forest to colorful flower and vegetable gardens placed around the house, you are held by the power of this land from the moment you enter. 


Trails wind across seasonal creeks to sunny sitting areas. Altars are nestled among trees for sitting in contemplation. One-hundred-eighty degree views offer inspiration. The Medicine Wheel invites meditation and intention setting. Offerings left in the Wheel are part of potent ceremonies. Prayer flags dot the landscape and you are invited to add yours.

 “The land is wild and whole in and of itself.

Vistas, acorns, coyotes, bone-paths, the Medicine Wheel -- teachers all --

are here to share with anyone who wanders and/or seeks.”

-Hermitage Guest


While you are here my husband, Seth, and our golden retriever, Shayna, also hold space for your stay. You will see the two of them on daily walks to the mailbox or outside playing fetch {Shayna’s passion!}.


Seth holds a peaceful countenance during your stay. He is aware of your need for quiet contemplation and, based on your cues, he will happily just nod or stop to chat. He also enjoys holding space for your visit, as a sacred duty from afar.


Shayna, on the other hand, is a friendly spirit who is likely to bound toward you with unadulterated joy in the hopes of a warm hello, a chin rub, and the chance to lean against you to bring her own unique form of healing. We understand that not everyone likes her attention, so we’re equally happy to contain her in order to meet your needs.

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